About Us

Our vision is to create a society where everyone’s voice is heard so we all receive the support we need for our wellbeing.

Luminus is the home of Healthwatch Surrey

Our Organisation

Luminus Insight CIC is an independent, not for profit organisation, which exists to empower people to have their voices heard in the design and delivery of public services; and to help organisations provide equity of access and the best services possible through the inclusive involvement of local people.

We were originally set up in 2013 as Healthwatch Surrey CIC, to deliver the local Healthwatch service in Surrey, covering NHS and social care services. We have now expanded our scope to provide local people with a voice on other public services and the wider determinants of wellbeingand changed our name accordingly.

To find out more about the areas we are working in, please visit Our Services page.

Our Approach

We believe services work best when they are built on a robust and inclusive understanding of the perspectives and experiences of those who may need and use those services. We gather insight by listening to the experiences of individuals and communities, building on our extensive networks of contacts and reputation as an independent conduit for feedback. We then amplify these voices by sharing reliable evidence with those involved in designing and delivering public services. We have a particular interest in reaching out to those who may be less well-heard to ensure our insight accurately reflects the diversity of the local community.

By acting as a critical friend to local authorities, the NHS and other providers, we support them on their journey of continuous improvement and challenge them where services fall short.

In addition to our Healthwatch Surrey contract, which exists to champion public and service user involvement in the design and commissioning of local services, we also hold the contracts for independent Giving Carers a Voice, Combating Drugs Partnership Public Involvement, and NHS complaints advocacy in Surrey. This work builds our reach and expertise in understanding what people need and want from services, analysing and reporting this back in a constructive and actionable way to commissioners, thereby enabling people to have their voices heard.

Our Values

We are

We believe services work best when they are built on a robust and inclusive partnership with people and communities.

We are

We listen with compassion; we care about the depth and complexity of people’s lives.

We are

We act upon what we hear; we are tenacious in our desire to inform and influence change.

We have

People trust us because we are independent, with a balanced and objective viewpoint.

We challenge

We are determined to root our work in what really matters to people, especially those who may find it harder to access services.

Get In Touch

We would love to talk to you about partnering with you in developing or reviewing the services you commission or provide. Do contact us to find out how we can work with you.